How to Apply Sun Bum Hair Lightener

Looking to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look for your hair? Sun Bum Hair Lightener is a great way to do so! This product can be applied in just a few easy steps, and will leave your hair looking lighter and brighter in no time.

  • Read all instructions on the Sun Bum Hair Lightener package before beginning
  • Follow the mixing ratio listed on the package, using equal parts of developer and lightener
  • Apply the mixture to clean, dry hair in small sections, using a brush or comb to evenly distribute it through your hair
  • Allow the lightener to process for the amount of time specified on the package (usually around 20-30 minutes)
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water until all traces of the lightener are gone, then shampoo and condition as usual

Does Sun Bum Hair Lightener Work Without Sun

Summertime is upon us, and that means spending more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine! But if you’re like me, you also want to make sure your hair looks good while you’re doing it.Sun Bum’s Hair Lightener is a product that claims to lighten your hair without any sun exposure. Sounds too good to be true, right?

So does it really work?I tested out the Sun Bum Hair Lightener on a small section of my hair to find out. First, I applied the lightener evenly across the section of hair.

Then, I waited about 30 minutes before rinsing it out.After rinsing, my hair did look lighter! And because the lightener doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or bleaches, my hair felt healthy and soft afterwards.So if you’re looking for an easy way to get lighter locks this summer (without damaging your hair), Sun Bum’s Hair Lightener may be worth trying!

How Do You Use Sun Bum Hair Lightener for Best Results?

Looking to get beachy waves without spending hours in the sun? Sun Bum’s Hair Lightener can help you achieve the look you want with just a few simple steps. Follow our tips below for best results.

When using any kind of hair lightening product, it’s important to start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is dirty or oily, the lightener may not work as well or could even cause damage. So make sure to shampoo and condition your hair before getting started.

Next, comb through your hair to remove any tangles and divide it into sections. This will make it easier to apply the lightener evenly. Now it’s time to apply the lightener.

Using gloves, squeeze out a small amount of product onto your fingers and begin applying it to your hair from root to tip. Be sure to work in small sections so that you don’t miss any spots. Once you’ve applied the lightener all over, comb through again to distribute it evenly and then clip up your hair out of the way.

Now all you have to do is wait! The amount of time you leave the lightener in will depend on how dark or light you want your hair to be. For lighter beachy waves, leave it in for about 20 minutes before rinsing out with cool water.

For darker hues, you can leave it in for up to an hour. Just keep an eye on your hair so that it doesn’t become too light or damaged. Once you’ve rinsed out the lightener, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate and nourish your newly bleached locks!

Can I Use Sun Bum Hair Lightener on Dry Hair?

Yes, you can use sun bum hair lightener on dry hair. However, it is important to note that this product is designed for use on wet or damp hair. Therefore, if you use it on dry hair, you may not get the desired results.

How Often Should You Use Sun Bum Hair Lightener?

How often should you use sun bum hair lightener? This is a great question and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. The general consensus seems to be that you can use sun bum hair lightener as often as you’d like, but it’s important to pay attention to how your hair reacts.

If you notice any adverse effects, such as excessive dryness or breakage, then cut back on the frequency of use. Other than that, feel free to enjoy your lighter locks!

Can You Use Sun Bum Hair Lightener on Wet Hair?

Yes, you can use Sun Bum hair lightener on wet hair. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and test a small area first to ensure that your hair can tolerate the product. Wet hair may require more processing time than dry hair, so be sure to monitor the lightening process closely.

Sun Bum Hair Lightener Review


Sun Bum Hair Lightener is a product that can be used to lighten hair. It is a safe and easy way to lighten hair. The product can be applied to wet or dry hair.

It is important to follow the directions on the package.

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