How to Find My Nihss Certification

If you are looking for your NIHSS certification, there are a few places you can look. The first place to check is the National Institutes of Health website. You can search for your certification by name or by date of completion.

If you cannot find your certification on the NIH website, you can also check with the American Heart Association. The AHA keeps a database of all certified instructors and their contact information.

  • The first step is to log into your account on the National Institutes of Health website
  • Once you are logged in, click on the “My NIH” tab at the top of the page
  • On the My NIH page, scroll down to the “My Training and Certification” section and click on the “NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) Certification” link
  • On the next page, you will see a list of all of your NIHSS certifications
  • Find the one that you are looking for and click on it to view your certificate

What is the Nihss

The NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) is a widely used measure of stroke severity. It is a 15-item scale that assesses different aspects of stroke, including level of consciousness, visual field, motor function, and more. The NIHSS has been shown to be a reliable and valid measure of stroke severity and can be used to predict outcomes after stroke.

The Scale Ranges from 0-42, With Higher Numbers Indicating More Severe Strokes

There are two types of stroke, ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes, which account for about 87 percent of all strokes, occur when a blood clot or other debris blocks an artery to the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and bleeds into the surrounding tissue.

The most common symptom of a stroke is sudden weakness or paralysis in one side of the body. Other symptoms can include sudden confusion or trouble speaking, vision problems, dizziness, or headache. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to call 9-1-1 immediately and get to a hospital as quickly as possible.

The National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) is the most common tool used by healthcare professionals to assess the severity of a stroke. The scale ranges from 0-42, with higher numbers indicating more severe strokes. The NIHSS includes assessments for level of consciousness, visual field loss, facial droop, arm weakness, and speech difficulties.

It also takes into account factors such as age and whether the person has diabetes.

How Can I Find My Nihss Certification

If you are looking for your NIHSS certification, there are a few things that you can do. The first step is to contact the company or organization that administered the exam. They will likely have records of your certification on file.

If you cannot find the contact information for the company or organization, you can try searching for it online. Another option is to check with your local hospital or stroke center. Many times, they will keep records of certification for their employees.

Finally, if you still cannot find your certification, you may need to retake the exam.

You Can Check With the Organization That Administered Your Training, Such As the American Heart Association Or the National Stroke Association

If you’re not sure where to start, you can check with the organization that administered your training, such as the American Heart Association or the National Stroke Association. These organizations offer a variety of resources on their websites, including information on recertification and continuing education opportunities. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest CPR techniques and guidelines, so that you can be prepared to provide the best possible care in an emergency situation.

Taking a refresher course or attending continuing education seminars on CPR is a great way to keep your skills sharp and make sure you’re providing the most effective care possible.

You Can Also Search for Your Certification Online Using a Search Engine Such As Google Or Bing

To find your certification online, simply enter your name and the type of certification you’re looking for into a search engine. For example, if you’re looking for a certified public accountant (CPA) certificate, you would enter “Certified Public Accountant” and your name into the search engine. If you don’t get any results, try adding your state or city to the search query.

NIHSS Training A


If you are looking for your NIHSS certification, there are a few places you can look. The first place to check is the National Stroke Association website. Here, you can search for certified instructors by name or location.

Once you find an instructor, you can contact them directly to ask about their certification process and how to obtain your own certificate. Another option is to contact the American Heart Association. The AHA offers a similar service to the NSA, allowing you to search for certified instructors by name or location.

They also offer a directory of certified training centers, which can be a great resource if you are looking for a specific program or instructor. Finally, you can always contact the NIHSS directly. They offer a variety of resources on their website, including a list of certified training centers and instructors.

You can also find information on how to become certified as an NIHSS provider yourself.

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