Rapper Blueface arrested video. Why did blueface get arrested?

Blueface has been arrested for attempted murder in Las Vegas. A video shows Police Authority Arrested him from a roadside. And video goes trending on social media. Many fans follower are commenting on their thought about his arrest. But actually what happened to Blueface? Why did get he arrested? 

Why did blueface get arrested?

On November 15, Blueface was arrested from outside in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed this news. According to the special source- Blueface has a serious case against him as he has now charged with attempted murder.

He will be booked into the Clark County Detention Center on warrants for attempted murder with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm at/into an occupied structure.

The Actual reason of the arrest did not said yet by authorities.

Rapper Blueface arrested video

TMZ released a video on twitter about Blueface being arrested. The video shows some people forcing him including the police. And police trying to arrest him. Blueface was in normal mode when he was arrested. Below given the video link-

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