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The Bangladesh National Museum is a government of the national museum of Bangladesh. It is well decorated of housed chronologically. It has also a rich conservation laboratory. In 1914- 1946 its region server is Nalini Kanta Bhattasali.  Bangladesh National Museum was first established in Bangladesh in 1913. It is located in Shahbag Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh National Museum is another name is Dhaka Museum. This sector some more information get Wikipedia.

Bangladesh National Museum has many histories. In 1913 it was a Thomas Gibson-Carmichael, 1st Baron Carmichael, the governor of Bengal. Bangladesh National Museum was handed over to the Naib-Nazim of Dhaka in 1915. This museum has 3 floors and every floor is well decorated. And it has 22 rooms. There have many other old material things. this instrument sees all people. This time every people comes to this place.

www.bangladeshmuseum.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see more notice in this museum than just follow this link-http://www.bangladeshmuseum.gov.bd/

On this link, you get the all notice information about the Bangladesh National Museum.

At the present time, The government made better things. So that when a people go this place. Then they seem to very much. Nowadays these things get online. because the government gives this information internet. So many people see this information then just go to the internet. Here is my all notice of Bangladesh National Museum. I collect all the information from official sources. Thank you.

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