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Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute sort form is (BARI). It is under the ministry of the education system. This department research all crops except rice, jute, sugarcane, and tea. These are all separate institutes. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute is located at Joydebpur about 35 kilometers (22 mi) north of Dhaka. This sector was first established in Bangladesh in 1976. This central station is spread over 176 hectares. And only 126 hectares are experiment fields.

The institute has established six regional research stations. In this sector, all the researchers make new items for the Bangladesh agriculture field. This research sector is located in Ishwardi, Jamalpur, Jessore, Hathazari, Rahmatpur, and Akbarpur. In this sector, people study and read out from here. So that the government made many institutions on this department. such as Constituent agricultural colleges, Corps research center, and more. For more information get Wikipedia.

www.bari.gov.bd notice 2022

let’s see some more information on this Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute. So here I give the link just follow this link-http://www.bari.gov.bd/

Here is this link to get all the all updates and better notice information on this site.

The government made many institutions for the student. so that every people want to study from there. At the covid-19 time, many students don’t read anything from his home. So the government takes a step for this sector. They give many online classes to the student. so that people go there and read from here. This is all notice information of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute. Thank you.

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