www.bffwt.gov.bd notice 2022[All Notice]


Bangladesh is an independent country. And this independence gains our freedom fighters. When they fight Pakistan and this time many Bangladeshi people died. There is a large reason today I came to you are an independent country. We have a tent independent land in Bangladesh.One of the biggest and most heart regarding and its place in our unfortunate motherland. The cruel Pakistani rules their military force along with their local agents and collaborators namely RAZAKER. On a dark night of Mars 1971 the jewel of in structural society and innumerable people of Bangladesh. More information gat next to the below.

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has commanded all Bangladeshi people. And he is the most freedom fighter in Bangladesh. He stays no more of ours. The present prime minister in Bangladesh sheik Hasina manages this freedom fighter’s trust. She gives nowadays many freedom fighters help any other ways. This time they give many e freedom fighters help to house money and such as more. The sector number 1 some name of commanders name Rafiqul Islam Musharraf CR Mr. Shekhawat jewel Mia and more. The name of leaders of freedom fighters is head 11 sectors and name colonial Zia ur Rahman.

www.bffwt.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see some more information notice on this site. I want more information on this site then just follow this link-http://www.bffwt.gov.bd/

On this link to get the all information notice here.

Nowadays the government in Bangladesh gives many things for the freedom fighters. And this instrument gets many freedom fighters but if you freedom fighters cannot get this instrument. This site already many people work. At this moment the government appoints more workers so that they can everything gift for the freedom fighters. So this is my all information about this freedom fighter’s trust. If you want more information for me in just comment to me. Thank you.

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