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The Border Guard Bangladesh is a ministry of parliament agency government in Bangladesh. This department’s nickname is (BGB). This sector is known as The Vigilant Sentinels of the National Frontier. The Bangladesh parliament BGB force manages the total 4427 kilometers areas in our country. The Border Guard Bangladesh present headquarters in Pilkhana. Its anniversary date is 20 December. This sector was first formed in Bangladesh in 1795.

In 1971 during the liberation war this time the main part of our Border Guard Bangladesh. This time border guard police and officer fight the first time from the Pakistani army and they protect our Bangladesh area. This sector was first established in Bangladesh Pilkhana in 1799. Thirty years ago from 1861 to 1891, this sector was renamed and this name is Frontier Guards. For this purpose, the government in Bangladesh takes a proper step for all young people. And they give many job circular for this purpose.

www.bgb.gov.bd notice 2022

People want to get more notice information on this department. If you want to more notice on this department then just follow this link-http://www.bgb.gov.bd/

Here is the right site to see the all notice information on this department.

Nowadays the government gives many notices to the people. And the government give many job circular fo all people. If any people want to work this sector then just go to the internet. And this site form flap from here. And this way to work this sector. if you select this site then they call you and go to this department. Here is my all notice information for the Bangladesh border Guard. Thank you for visiting my site.

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