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Bangladesh weaving board short form is (BWB). It is a government body owned and state-owned by the government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s weaving department is the main income source in Bangladesh. This webbing Centre works with many people. Bangladesh weaving board at first established in Bangladesh in 1978. Its present headquarters is in Dhaka Bangladesh. Jasimuddin Ahamed is the president chairman of the board. It works in that area in Bangladesh. Bangladesh weaving board’s official language is Bengali. For more information gate Wikipedia.

Bangladesh weaving board has many histories. At first, a time when people make some sarees pants shirts, and more. This time they cannot get better things. Because the British give this product but they cannot give money. So for this purpose government make this boat. So that people make the product and buy this sector and get the better money from this way. And nowadays it is managed by the Bangladesh Ministry of textiles and jute office center in Bangladesh. And this sector total observed the work of 1.5 million independent handloom Weavers in Bangladesh.

www.bhb.gov.bd notice 2022

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