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The bureau of mineral resources development is a government bureau in Bangladesh. It is responsible for our Bangladesh management, extraction, and supervision of mineral resources. Bangladesh has many other mineral resources spot. But many many years ago people can not search for any resources in Bangladesh. So the government for this purpose made the first bureau of mineral resources development in 1962. And its present headquarters is in Dhaka. The bureau of mineral resources development’s official language is Bengali. And its regional server in Bangladesh. In this sector some more information get Wikipedia.

The government of Bangladesh increases day by day of mineral resources development. And for this purpose, the government makes money official sector on this site. And decide to appoint many workers on this sector. This worker searches for treasure in Bangladesh. Bangladesh nowadays has many treasures but a few treasures find out. So the government and appoint more recharge offer on this sector. So that they can find every treasure in Bangladesh spot. This is my all information some more information gets to the below.

www.bomd.gov.bd notice 2022

People want to get more information on this site. Here I give a link so that we all the people get all notice information from here. Then just follow this link-http://bomd.gov.bd/

This link you to get the all updates and better notice from here.

Nowadays the government give many notices and appoint appointment letter at the present time. If any beta people want to work in this sector then just applies here. This application gates from online. This is my all information about the bureau of mineral resources development. I collect all the information from the mineral resources development official source. You want more information for me then just comment to me. I try to best reply to your comment. Welcome.

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