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Bangladesh Rice Research Institute is a government Ministry of agriculture Department. It is an agriculture Research Institute in Bangladesh. Which is located in Ghazipur. Bangladesh rice Research Institute at first formation in Bangladesh in 1970. And its present headquarters is in Dhaka Bangladesh. Mr. MD Shah Jahan Kabir is the current head of the institute. Ads result in servers in Bangladesh. The official language is Bengali. It is just specialized in the research of rice production.

Every people knows that rice is the main food in our life. No one can live without food rice. And it is the second position of the water. Bangladesh rice Research Institute has a history. This is when the institution had developed 41 varieties of Aman rice in 2019. And this rice comes from the urban people. Farmer hard work in his field and sow seeds in his land. These people give rice to us. So every people must respect for this people.

www.brri.gov.bd notice 2022

People want to get more notice information of Bangladesh rice research institution. Just follow this link-http://www.brri.gov.bd/

On this link, the all notice information of the Bangladesh rice Research Institute.

Nowadays the government wants more workers for this official rice mill. So if any people I want to work this mill. Then just conversation for the official people and give you all information. Here this way to work this sector. So this is my all notice information of Bangladesh rice Research Institute. If you want more information for me e then just comment on me. I try to best reply to your comment. Thank you.

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