www.btcl.gov.bd notice 2022[All Notice]

Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory Commission is the main part of our present life. It is an independent communication found that under the Bangladesh telecommunication act 2001. Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory commission is responsible for regulating all m related to communication. It has some materials. such as wire, cellular, satellite, and cable. Desh department at first started in Bangladesh on 31 January 2002. And it is the latest 10 telephones per 100 inhabitants by 2010.
Many many days ago Bangladesh has not any telecommunication system. So that people can exchange any things for any other people. That this time people any information to get the other people then go to this place. A few days later they give the information from the pigeon. And at last, scientists made the telephone. And this way people can easily any information get to any other people. So it is the best invention on the earth.

www.btcl.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see more notice on this department. If you want more then just follow this link-http://www.btcl.gov.bd/

Here is the right link to see all notice of this department.

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