www.clu-mole.gov.bd notice 2022[All Notice]

The Ministry of Labour and Employment is the ministry of the Bangladesh government responsible for employment. And it is protected all interests of workers and human resources development in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Labour and Employment was first established in Bangladesh on 20 January 1972. And its present headquarters is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Ministry of Labour and Employment present minister on this sector name is Munnujan Sufian. And its secretary of the minister name is KM Ali Azam. For more information get Wikipedia.

Bangladesh has many children who work little years. But the company can not give good money for this child. So that the government made a corporation for this child. The government take a step for this sector and many places in Bangladesh. Here the child stay and studied this sector. Bangladesh has some directorates name is the inspector of factories, child labour unit, department of the unit. here this sector stays many children from this sector.

www.clu-mole.gov.bd notice 2022

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