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Directorate General of Drug Administration shorts from is (DGDA). And it is the principal drug regulatory agency in Bangladesh. Which is under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Directorate General of Drug Administration was first formed in Bangladesh in 1976. This is separated by the ministry of health and family welfare in Bangladesh. It was reformed in Bangladesh on 17 January 2010. It is responsible for issuing licenses to our government parliament companies. In this sector some more information get Wikipedia.

At the present time, the government made an official Directorate General of Drug Administration in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, many local people made many companies. This medicine is also very nice and people buy this medicine from here. And the government takes proper utilization from this site. According to this sector people want to get medicine everywhere. Now this time the government applies online treatment to the people. so that the people get better treatment for a better doctor. This way Bangladesh people get free service from the government.

www.dgda.gov.bd notice 2022

People this time people want to get more notice on this Directorate General of Drug Administration. So then just see this link-http://www.dgda.gov.bd/

Here is the best link to see all notices from here.

The government gives many facilities for the people. So that people want to get better treatment from here. No one can go the die without treatment. For this purpose, the government gives any information online. If any people get better and good notice then just go to online. Here get all notice. This is my all notice of Directorate General of Drug Administration. I collect all the notices from official sources. Welcome.

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