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Department of livestock service is the Ministry of government department under the ministry of fisheries and livestock industry in Bangladesh. This is the main part of our Bangladesh. In the past time, people kill many animals. Bangladesh variable animals are no more. For this purpose department of livestock service fast was established in Bangladesh in 1795. And it’s a quarter is in Pasusampad Bahban. Department of livestock service present minister of these sector name is Dr. Abdul Jabbar Sikhder. Its official language is Bengali and the region is server in Bangladesh. For more information get Wikipedia.

The department of livestock service has a big history and it is origin in a veterinary unit from the British cavalry during the colonial area in 1795. When it becomes the civil veterinary department from the British Raj and this time in 1883. And this time it was headquartered is in Kolkata but it again moved in 1947 to Comilla. When it was coming to India it was renamed to the directorate of animal husbandry East Pakistan. In 1960 when it comes to Bangladesh it was again renamed directed of livestock services. This department’s name changed by changed and finally its final name is a department of livestock service.

www.dls.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see some more information on the department of livestock service then just go to this link-http://www.dls.gov.bd/

On this link, you get the all notice information on this department.

The government at this time made many e departments of livestock service in every sector. And leads facilities gives for the online so that every people help for theirs. If any people want to more notice so they can go to the internet and see all notice. This is my all notice information of the department of livestock services. Thank you.

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