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Department of Narcotics control is a government agency responsible for Bangladesh. It is the ministry of home affairs. This is related to the national narcotics control board. The department of narcotics control board was first formed in Bangladesh in 1990. Which is situated in Dhaka Bangladesh. Its region server in Bangladesh and the official language is Bengali. Ahsanul Jabbar is the present director-general of this narcotics control board. And he manages all Bangladesh narcotics departments. This department some more information get Wikipedia.

At the present time, Bangladeshi people drug-addicted is very highly. People drug transfer without issuing a license for the import-export sales transport. They carry out raids against illegal narcotics. Mohammed Jamal Uddin Ahmed does not have sufficient personal to control Bangladesh. They are trying to best increase their stop and better service. So that they can remove drug-addicted people in Bangladesh. The government helps this department.

www.dnc.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see this department for more information on this link. If you want more information department of the narcotics control Board. Just follow this link-http://www.dnc.gov.bd/

Here you get the all information about the Bangladesh narcotics control board.

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