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Bangladesh Election Commission sort form is (BEC). It is known as Election Commission in Bangladesh. It is an independent constitutional body in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Election Commission operates the legal functions of election laws in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi Constitution allows the commission to be formed consisting of a chief election commissioner alongside a number of 118. And it is consists of permission granted by the president of Bangladesh. This sector present minister’s name is KM Nurul Huda.

Bangladesh Election Commission has first formed Bangladesh in 1972. Its present headquarters is in Nirbachon Bhobon, Agargau, Dhaka. The appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner of Bangladesh is made by the president. When the election arranges in Bangladesh and gains one person this time. This sector total stays a people only 5 years. This cabinet people cover all over the country.

www.ecs.gov.bd notice 2022

This department people want to get more notice on this Bangladesh Election Commission department. Then just follow this link-http://www.ecs.gov.bd/

Here is this link to see the all notice information of the Bangladesh Election Commission department.

At the present, the government gives many notices for all people. If any people join and stand this sector. then this time appoint this sector. And form flaps your all information. Here is my all notice information of the Bangladesh Election Commission Board. I collect all the information from Bangladesh Election Commission official sources. If you want more information from me then just comment to me. Welcome.

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