www.ictd.gov.bd notice in 2022[All Notice]


www.ictd.gov.bd notice in 2021 available now. The Information and communication technology division is short for ICT. It is the main part of our ministry of government in Bangladesh. In the past year, Bangladesh has not had any ICT corporations. Nowadays the government was first established in Bangladesh corporation on 10th February 2014. Its headquarters is in Dhaka. And its present minister’s name is Mustafa Jabbar.

Many days ago Bangladesh sends any information from others people. The first time the people send any information with dove. Then come to our Bangladesh post office. At this time Bangladesh come many updated devices. People this time send any information easily. For this purpose, the government made many unites in Bangladesh. Some units name is Bangladesh hi-tech park. Another unit’s name is the ICT directorate. People can easily send any information from their own people. If you want more information then just go to Wikipedia.

www.ictd.gov.bd notice in 2022

Let’s see more notice of the information and communication technology division. Just follow this link to get all information-https://ictd.gov.bd/

This is my all update and better information of the information and communication technology division. I collect all the information and communication technology division official sources. The government gives many information and this time online. For more information just comment on me. I will try to reply to your comment. Thank you for visiting my site.

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