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Bangladesh has many other cities. None of another city’s name is Khulna. It is one of the most and bitter cities in Bangladesh. Because it has many other very historical and nice tourist spots in this city. This city has many other schools, colleges, and universities. Khulna city corporation was first established in Bangladesh on 12th December 1984. Its present headquarters is in Khulna Nagar bag ban. Khulna city corporation official language in Bengali. At the present Khulna city corporation is Talukdar Abdul Khaleque. It is a formation under the local government administration in the Bangladesh city area. And the Khulna city corporation under the ministry of local government and rural development. It’s more information gets to the below.

Khulna city is a big city in Bangladesh. The city has many other histories and many departments in this sector. Khulna city corporation the first chairman of the Khulna municipality board was Gagan Chandra Datta. President Hussain Mohammad Ershad updated Khulna municipal corporation on the 10th anniversary. Khulna city corporation with 31 words. And this some departments name civil works department, health department, parks and gardens, revenue section, more. The Khulna city corporation has a week Khulna polytechnical college. And this college studies many students and comes from many other places. In this city, there has a big Khulna stadium. And many sports players play in this stadium.

www.khulnacity.org notice 2022

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The government at the present time gives many notices basically for the student. At the covid-19 time, no student studied at home. The government takes a step for these students so that they can study his home. The government gives many online classes for the student so that they can go to this class and can learn something. This is my all information about Khulna city corporation in Bangladesh. I try to best collect all the information of Khulna city corporations. Thank you for visiting my site.

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