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Department of Mass Communication is a government under the ministry of information and broadcasting department in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has 68 field-level offices in the whole country. Bangladesh has 64 districts. The government made the information of every district. Department of Mass Communication is located in 64 district headquarters. But 4 offices are located in 4 Upazillas of hill tracts region. In this sector, the government was first established in Bangladesh in 1972. And its present headquarters is in Dhaka. Bidhan Chandra Karmakar is a director-general in this sector.

The Department of Mass Communication has many histories in this sector. In 1924 the British Raj origin to an organization under the information department. And which was located in Kolkata. after later the partition of India created the Department of Mass Communication under the information ministry. The Department of Mass Communication was responsible for the management of the government TV and Radia services. The Department of Mass Communication was recognized by the Enam committee in 1983. For more information get Wikipedia.

www.masscommunication.gov.bd notice 2022

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The government made many information sectors in Bangladesh. So that people want to talk anywhere and any place for any people for very easily. Because the government made a very strong net connection set up in Bangladesh. So here is my all notice of Department of Mass Communication. I collect all the information of the Department of Mass Communication official sources. If you got better notice then share other people so that every people want to see this notice. Welcome.

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