www.moef.gov.bd notice in 2022[All Notice]


www.moef.gov.bd notice in 2021 finds out here. The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change is a ministry of government in Bangladesh. It is ensuring a sustainable environment and optimum coverage in the forest areas. The ministry of environment, forest, and climate change was first established in 1972 on 12 January. At first, its name was the Ministry of Environment and Forest. In 2018 it names changed and which name is a ministry of environment, forest, and climate change.

Nowadays people spoiled many environments and forests. All the people cut trees day by day. So people go into danger at that time. For this purpose, the government made many departments in this sector. Who is protecting this site? On this sector, some department name is Bangladesh climate change trust, department of environment, forest department. And its present minister’s name is Md. Shahab Uddin. Its headquarters is in Dhaka.

www.moef.gov.bd notice in 2022

Let’s see how can get more notice information from this site. Here I give a link then just follow this link-https://moef.gov.bd/

On this link, here you get the all updates and better information from this site.

The government gives many notices at the present time. This notice gives online. Many people get this notice but few people don’t know how to get this notice online. On this notice, information gets every online website. This is my all notice information on the environment, forest, and climate change. I collect all the notices from official sources. If you want more notice for me then just comment to me. Welcome.


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