www.mofood.gov.bd notice in 2022[All Notice]


www.mofood.gov.bd notice in 2021. The Ministry of Food is the main government ministry in Bangladesh. And it’s responsible for all national food Policies. The ministry of food was supplied to all people after the independence day in Bangladesh. This time the government gives its renamed ministry of food and relief. This sector finally formed in Bangladesh in 2012. In this sector, the minister of head’s name is Sadhan Chandra Majumder. And its senior secretary’s name is Dr. Musammmat Nazmanara.mofood.gov.bd

Many days ago Bangladesh people can not cultivate food in their land. The people can not eat any food. The government gives the people seeds. So that the people cultivate food in their land. For this reason, the government gives these seeds to a department. Which name is Directorate General of Food? And this sector the government appoints many workers. So that they can supply for all people. For information get Wikipedia.

www.mofood.gov.bd notice in 2022

Let’s see more notice information on this site. Here I give a link so that people get more information. Then just follow this link-https://mofood.gov.bd/

This is the right link information of the ministry of food.

At the present time, the people stay his home for the coronavirus. So the people don’t go to market and buy any food. For this purpose the government many foods for the lockdown of people. But it has one condition which is a few people get this food and other people don’t know what time this the people. This notice information is given online when the food is given to the people. Here this information collects and takes all relief. Welcome.

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