www.moind.gov.bd notice in 2022[All Notice]


www.moind.gov.bd notice in 2021. The Ministry of Industries is the best developing and responsible of our government in Bangladesh. And it is the new expansion and sustainable development sector in our industries. Its present headquarters is the ministry of Dhaka. In 1972 the ministry of Industries was first established in Bangladesh. its present minister of the head is Nurul Majid Mahmud. And its deputy minister’s name is Kamal Ahmed. They have managed this sector and help all people.

Bangladesh has many other industries company. Their company work many people and earn much income from here. Bangladesh most income comes from industries. For this reason, the government made many corporations, departments, and boards. Some corporation name is BCIC, BFSIC, BSEC, etc. And some department name is BSTI, BITAC, and BIM, etc. Bangladesh has many other unofficial companies and this product sell the other country. The Government helps this businessman.

www.moind.gov.bd notice in 2022

People want to see more notice of the ministry of industries. Then just see this link-https://moind.gov.bd/

On this link, get the all notice information from here.

Nowadays the government gives many notices for the businessman. And this notice gives online. If any people doesn’t know this notice then they can not any work easily. This is all the notice information on this Industries. I collect the all notice from the ministry of industries official company. If you want more information from me then just comment to me. Thank you for visiting my site.



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