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National defence college is a government in our Bangladesh institution training of civil and military officers. This is the main part of our Bangladesh protect the soldier. Independent years ago Bangladesh has no national defence college department in Bangladesh. For this purpose, the government was first established a national defence college in Bangladesh in 1996. And which is located in Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The national defence college region server is Bangladesh and the official language is Bengali. In this department some more information get Wikipedia.

The national defence college was first established in 1966 but the IIT operation started on 10 January 1999. The national defence college under the force work college was established in 2001. And which is headed by the head of the national defence college. On this department, the government made many notable alumni and some name is major general Tumkur Yusuf Bharti, major general kg Wijetileke, yaar marshal jusjeet Singh. This time these notable alumni managed and protect the Bangladesh area. This is the main hero in Bangladesh.

www.ndc.gov.bd notice 2022

Let’s see some more information on this national defence college. If you want to get more information then just follow this link-https://ndc.gov.bd/

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At the present time, the government give me any notice about the national defence college. And this time the government appoint many soldiers in Bangladesh. And this notice gives online. If any e people I want to this notice then go to the internet and search this topic. Here you get the whole notice information. So this is my all know this information of national defence college. If you want more information for me then just go to the comment section and common me. Thank you.

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