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NGO means non-government office. It is not a government agency in Bangladesh. In this sector, only one person manages this and few workers work this sector. In Bangladesh, there has many other NGOs. One of the most NGOs names is Bureau. Ads headquarters is in Dhaka. The first non-government office affairs bureau was established in 1990. The non-government office is required by law to register with the bureau that falls under the prime minister’s office. On this site some more information get Wikipedia.

the NGO affairs bureau present director-general name is Mohammad Asadul Islam. And there are 2498 NGOs register with the bureau and 240 are foreign workers who work in this sector. The non-government office is very essential for all poor people. Because when a poor man wants some money but no one gives him. Then this time the NGO helps this person. So that people work anything for this help. For this reason the government at this time many many NGOs built for the poor people. And help for money the poor people. Nowadays the government helps the NGO bureau. And many many grains give for the four people and this sector serves all people.

www.ngoab.gov.bd notice 2022

People want to get more notice from this NGO Affairs Bureau. Then here I give the link so that every people get this notice. Follow this link-http://www.ngoab.gov.bd/

Here is this link you get the all notice information on this site.

So this is my I all information of NGO affairs bureau. I collect all the information from the NGO affairs bureau official source. Nowadays the government gives many notices online. So if any people get this notice then just log on the internet and search this topic. You get the all notice information. If you want more information about the NGO affairs bureau then just comment to me. I try to best reply to your comment. Welcome.

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