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National sports council is a government ministry of Bangladesh and it is included in the ministry of youth and sports. Who is established by the national sports council act in 1974 the company is the highest sports body in our Bangladesh government. In Bangladesh in the past time, there has no sports department. For this reason, Bangladesh’s young generation cannot play very well. For this purpose in Bangladesh was the first formed national sports council was on 8th February 1972 and which was 49 years ago. The government of Bangladesh regulates 51 different sports organisations under the auspices. In 1991 this department was Bangladesh sports regulatory authority but it was named after the national sports council. In this department some more information gate Wikipedia.

The national sports council nowadays increase day by day. On this site, many children made good players. The national sports council executive committee consists of the chairman vice chairman treasure of the ministry of youth and sports. The national sports council at the present chairman is Shri Biren Sikhder. And he is managed in our Bangladesh national sports council. In this sector, the government gives many things for the children free. So that the player who cannot buy anything then they take here and play very well and go to the national sports.

www.nsc.gov.bd notice 2022

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