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Small Farmer Development Foundation is the main part of our agricultural department. Its short form is (SFDF). The Small Farmer Development Foundation is responsible for the welfare of small-scale farms and farmers. It is provided our free loans to small farmers in Bangladesh. The Small Farmer Development Foundation was first established in Bangladesh in 1975. Whish is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is also a Bangladesh region server. And its official language name is Bengali. It’s more information get the below.

The government organises the Small Farmers and Landless worker Development Projects. For this purpose, the government takes a step for all small farmers. So that they can experiment project of the Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development department here. From 1975 to 1976 in Bogura, Comilla, And Mymensingh District was first ran this project. Then it was expanded to the Potuakhali and Burguna District in 1988. And at last the first complete this project in 1991. Nowadays this project works for many companies. It’s more information get Wikipedia.

www.sfdf.org.bd notice 2022

let’s see its more notice information on this Small Farmer Development Foundation. Then just see this link-http://www.sfdf.org.bd/

Here is this link you get the all updates and better information on this site.

At the present time, the government takes a proper step on this Small Farmer Development Foundation department. I collect all the information from Small Farmer Development Foundation official source. And the government gives many notices online. If any people want to see this notice then go to the internet. If you want more information from me. Then just comment on me. Thank you.

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