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The supreme court of Bangladesh is the main court of law in Bangladesh. This code is composed of the high court division and appellate division. The Supreme court of Bangladesh first adopted Bangladesh in 1972. In 2021 there has five-justice in the applet division and 91 high court divisions in Bangladesh. It is located in Ramna Dhaka 1000 in Bangladesh. The present minister’s name is Abdul Hamid. For more information gate Wikipedia.

The supreme court of Bangladesh is divided into two parts. One is the appellate division and another is the high court division. The appellate division is just here to appeals from the high court. Then the high court works this thing. And give the hearing for this everything. Bangladesh high court division setting permanent judges name is Salma Masud Chaudhari, Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, Dr. Shahid Mohammed, Mr. Uddin Chaudhari, A.K.M Asaduzzaman, and more. Handsome high court division additional services name is Shahid Nuruddin, Zakir Hussain, Zahid Sawyer, Jahirul Haque, and more. They are all the managers Bangladesh supreme court division.

www.supremecourt.gov.bd notice 2022

People want to get notified of the supreme court of Bangladesh. If you want more information on this department then just follow this link-http://www.supremecourt.gov.bd/

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At the present time, the government of Bangladesh supreme court division gives many notices for the people. The government gives all the northeast online. So that when the supreme court gives the notice then the people get immediately this notice from online. It is the best and beautiful work for the government. So this is my all notice information of the Bangladesh supreme court division. Welcome to visit my site.

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